Boyce Family – Rochester Summer Family Portrait – Minnesota Portrait Photography

A warm summer storm was pouring rain when we arrived. Everyone agreed to wait for that little corner of blue sky to find its way to us and in the meantime we enjoyed a fabulous time meeting Ginger’s parents, hearing stories from their life in Texas, and partaking of their always-delightful Southern hospitality! As the showers dissipated we made our way outside to find the freshly washed landscape painted in warming hues.

The Boyce family were an absolute delight to photograph. We couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. They all have a brilliant sense of humor which kept everyone in fits of laughter and their love and commitment to each other was readily apparent. What a blessing to be able to document this beautiful thing called family! It is such an intensely lovely concept, relationships that give and take and heal and love and are there for you through good and bad times, each one unique and yet blended to perfection by a Mastermind.

Thank you for waiting out the storm with us Boyces! We pray you all are abundantly blessed!



Three generations!

Three generations!


He will always be the baby... even when he's 50 and owns a corporation.

He will always be the baby… even when he’s 50 and owns a corporation.

Aren't they fabulous?

Aren’t they fabulous?

Daddy and daugter...

Daddy and daughter…







Love these sisters!

Love these sisters!

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