Finstuen Family - Pine Island Creamery Winter Christmas Family Portrait - Minnesota Portrait Photography


We love the town we live in. While it may not boast a large population or a plethora of big city activities it makes up for that in community. Neighbors who bring you fresh banana bread in -12 degrees, carolers outside your window through December and the friendly folks who really do know just about everyone else in town. Just after Christmas, we had the privilege of photographing a family group many of whom hail from our little city. They proved their Minnesota heritage by standing for photos in 32 degrees and snow flurries with bright smiles, lots of laughter and nary a shiver. Though I must say, family from out of town did just as well as the Minnesotans, so there must have just been enough love and laughter to warm the whole area! And the best part is, you can be sipping your cup of earl grey at the local coffee shop on Monday morning and wave hello across the room to your new friends from 2 days before! Thank you Finstuens, Domniguezes, Hayes and everyone else for letting us document your family/families! We wish you all the best! An epic photo of 31 people! Though we only posed 30 of them. Somebody couldn't quite make it so they were photographed later (photo credit to Amber) :) and photoshopped in. Epic shot complete.


Everyone had a chance to get there family portraits or different combinations photographed. Lookin' great!


And then something was really funny. Like I said, there was plenty of laughter to go around.


Sweet little Lilly was the star of the show...





Beautiful couple.


These three know how to style and we loved how they had fun with different poses.


Beautiful family.


These smiles tell it all!


More happiness and stylin'.


This was their idea! Intrepid Minnesotans. You can't miss the Minnesota nice shirt either. :)


Classy young men and women.


We'll close this post with Grandma and Grandpa and their beautiful, time-tested love. There are few things so comforting as a couple who have seen many years and are still wholeheartedly in love. What a great legacy to leave their grandchildren.