Emily + Kevin - Plummer House Rochester One-Year Anniversary Portrait - Minnesota Portrait Photography


One year ago Sunday she promised to be his wife and life hasn't slowed since! They still love to absorb equal parts coffee and literature, open their home to guests with warm conversation and savory feasts and discuss the the glories of Desplat's soundtracks, Lincoln's political theories or whatever is on your heart till someone has to grind another batch of coffee beans! What a pleasure to be a part of their story, to share in their joy, their mission, dominion task, comrades.Emily and Kevin, thank you for letting us document the joy and beauty of God's goodness this past year. You were perfect subjects, more than generous to us, and just a dream to work with. We love you both like crazy!


_A1D1484 Official "bibliophiles" :)


We would not have reflected their life had we not captured their love of books! You know the saying, "We will be the same people next year except for the books we read and the people that influence us."


Coffee. This session would also have not been complete had we not given due credit to that delicious and wholesome beverage of which we are all so fond.



What a lovely, golden evening at the Plummer House Gardens in Rochester.