Edwards Family - Oxbow Park Rochester Fall Family Session - Portrait Photography

Once there was a little girl named Camdyn, whose Mommy and Daddy loved her very much. She has the sweetest blue eyes, can do some pretty epic animal sounds, and loves to explore this beautiful earth she finds herself on where there are prairie wildflowers, full winding rivers and magnificent red and yellow trees. She can charm her way into everyone's hearts but to mom and dad her joy is a treasure to be cherished forever. Every scrunched-nose smile with those two bottom teeth, every baby voice expression and burst of laughter, every unsteady step and heart-melting kiss and finger outstretched towards unending wonder. These they treasure up in their hearts, because even after time teaches us inhibition, all this joy and wonder is still who we really are! Edwards Family, thank you for allowing us to document your family and the love you share. It was truly a blessing!