Deanna + Adam - Essex Park Rochester Fall Engagement - Minnesota Wedding Photographer

They went to the same school in rural Minnesota but didn't cross paths till years later when Adam's persevering Facebook messages carried the day. Deanna remembers their first date, the first time she met Adam. He is calm, warm and kind and she is the sunshine to his story. Their appreciation for this little corner of the state we both call home makes up who they are... where receding waters tipped and rolled the land into verdant hills covered in pasture and the best sort of date is a four-wheeler ride across it, where people love to grow things that endure from one generation to the next and our culture speaks a range of "nice" and forever loyalty. Adam is an electrician but also a skilled artist and craftsman and Deanna's creativity is his perfect match. We can't wait to photograph their wedding later next year celebrating their life together! Thank you, Adam and Deanna for allowing us to capture your sweet love for each other.