Christine + Dylan – Barns of Old Glory Winona Summer Wedding – Minnesota Wedding Photographer


Whenever I wonder if real cowboys and cowgirls still live in Minnesota, I'll remember this lovely summer day. What a treat to capture Christine and Dylan's beautiful wedding! To see how he adores her and his gentlemanly respect for her and to watch her face glow with joy when she sees him. Christine and Dylan have been friends since middle school and fell in love riding horses together across Minnesota bluff country. Their's is a love as fresh and sweet as if it were born yesterday yet steadfast and growing with them as they pursue life together hand in hand. Just before their ceremony a wild summer storm sent torrents of rain and the venue lost power. But like true Minnesotans everyone waited a few minutes and the rain stopped and the clouds parted and gave way to a warm golden sun. Everyone, including the bride and groom, cheerfully went on with the wedding, without power. What a sweet testimony to their future together, weathering the storms of life unshaken by inevitable elements of nature, strong in their faith, and sure of each other. Christine and Dylan, thank you for letting us capture the beauty of your love for each other on your wedding day! Much love and blessings on your future together!